When employee morale drops in the workplace, it can harm productivity. Current work-from-home regulations make evaluating employee morale particularly tricky. Managers must keep morale high so that colleagues can remain focused, feel happy, and perform well. Check out these three tips to keep morale high in your work environment.

Collect Employee Feedback

Employees want their leaders to listen to them. Many employees will mention things that upset them or that they want to be changed. However, the act of speaking up can be stressful. As a manager and leader, go out of your way to solicit employee feedback so that you can improve the work environment.

As you collect this feedback, apply it to your operations to provide more comfort for employees. If you don’t understand the current points of workplace contention, more issues may arise, and morale and productivity alike may fall. 

Give Honest Praise

Whenever any of your employees perform well, make sure that you talk with them, thank them, and recognize their effort. This attention will encourage them to continue working hard and help them feel proud of their accomplishments.

This doesn’t mean that you should throw compliments left and right. Make sure to keep your praise honest. If colleagues feel like you don’t mean what you say, you will seem less transparent and approachable. Ensure your favor is not just genuine, but also well-timed.

Encourage Respect

Professionals want to feel respected when they go to work, so you should make sure to encourage your employees to treat each other with respect. By this standard, all employees should feel safe and comfortable at work. 

It’s not just your job to treat others with dignity and respect—your colleagues must treat each other in the same manner. If you see or hear of disrespect in the office, nip it in the bud as quickly and effectively as possible. The workplace naturally requires professional attitudes and behaviors to run successfully, which means employee attitudes are critical.


Although our modern workplaces face seemingly insurmountable challenges, leaders can work directly with employees to overcome obstacles and maintain high morale. Follow these tips, and you’ll bring everyone together on the path to success.