When you go to college, you want to make sure that you pick a degree that will allow you to succeed and find a job. After all, why spend years of your life getting something if it won’t help you later on? Still, it can be hard to decide which major, minor, or discipline will provide the necessary skills to take you where you want to go. These four degrees are in high demand right now, and could prove useful if you’re hoping to land a job in the professional world!


Business Administration

Sometimes, a good, old-fashioned business degree is all you need to find great professional opportunities. Business administration is a cover-all degree, one that includes bits of accounting, finance, marketing, sales, and other key business components. The broad scope is useful here, as professionals can find their niche while honing important soft skills like leadership and communication. This degree lends itself well to future success in health administration and executive positions across various industries. 

Construction Management

Businesses constantly create new buildings and tear down old ones to replace them. Due to this, construction management stands out as an excellent degree to get you a job in today’s world. You can gain experience as a construction worker and then use that knowledge, alongside your degree, to manage a construction site. It’s the perfect degree for professionals who like to be hands-on in their work.


Every business needs an accountant to handle the flow of money. However, an accounting degree does not limit job opportunities. In fact, the accounting field continues to grow with in-house positions at companies, tax and investment consulting, personal finance and wealth management coaching, and more. Accounting is all about crunching numbers, and the universal need for analytical, finance-minded professionals isn’t going anywhere.

Information Systems

Technology has come to the forefront of business operations in the twenty-first century, and businesses need professionals who can bridge the gap between technology and human capital. Information systems and similar tech-based degrees provide students and professionals with back-end knowledge of the inner workings of a business and its hardware and software. Data-minded professionals with a passion for problem-solving and creative thinking will enjoy the spontaneity of a career in IT.