Last week, I found myself speaking to my daughters about leadership. My father, Michael, used to say “what do you get when your outcome was not what you expected? Experience.” It is not always easy, but empowering your employees to be leaders in their everyday work is a great way to help them develop professionally and further your company’s growth. Encouraging employees to speak up about improving processes as well as helping them take ownership of projects can improve their overall work ethic and contribution to the team. Supporting independence rather than micromanaging is integral in grooming self-sufficient and professionally advanced employees.

Their Voice
Every employee has the potential to provide a unique and exciting approach to your business. Giving them the chance to use their voice to better your company has the potential to keep them loyal and fulfilled. Involve people from all levels of the department in the development of processes and gain knowledge from those who are working in the trenches every day. It is essential to make your employees feel heard and be available to listen to their input, even if it won’t always be used.

Their Ownership
Delegating significant tasks to your employees can help them grow their professional capabilities and has the potential to surprise you with their ability to take ownership of a project or pieces of it. A different approach can be a great way to learn new methods, even as a manager, as well as giving the employee a chance to experience and learn from mistakes and failures. Resist the urge to micromanage and let them take risks and look for opportunities to think differently. These qualities are imperative if they seek to grow into future leadership positions.

Their Example
Your employees can inspire the employees around them as well! Giving them accountability not just to you as the manager, but also to their fellow employees, can help to foster organic initiative. Support independence in the workplace and give them chances to collaborate as a team on decisions. Giving employees the opportunity to lead meetings is a great practical way to foster a leadership attitude in them.

The goal of any leader should be to inspire and empower more leaders to rise up around them. Giving your employees the spaces to think critically and creatively alongside you to solve problems in the workplace is a great way to start cultivating future leaders. Appreciating and recognizing these employees for their opinion, initiative, and example is a great way to reinforce that calling. Don’t be afraid to give your employees the chance to have a say! You will be amazed at the fruit that it can produce.