Are you hoping to one day retire while still maintaining the ownership of your business? That would not be possible without a healthy and effective leadership team in place. Ensuring that your leadership team possesses these qualities can help you retire with the peace that your business. Even if retirement is a long ways off, equipping your business with a strong leadership team is one of the best things you can do. These six characteristics are just a few of the ones define a truly healthy leadership team.


These Leaders are Handpicked

A strong leadership team is never haphazardly thrown together. They are not formed overnight; it takes time and thoughtfulness. How this person will fit in with the greater vision of the company should be one of the first considerations. It is also essential that you consider how this person would work with the other members of the team as well as the type of leader they will be for their department.


These Leaders are Versatile

The members of the leadership team should not be people who have been pigeon-holed into one specific aspect of a business. It is crucial, of course, to have people clearly in charge of particular aspects of your company and manage them well. Even more so, it is essential that these leaders are invested in the wellbeing of the entire company and are committed to ensuring that their aspect is contributing to the bigger picture.


These Leaders are Valued

Leaders are most successful when they have the chance to be heard and seen within the company. Giving leaders the opportunity to speak up and be involved in significant decisions will grow them not only as professionals but also as a team. This team will not be nervous about their worth within your business, and that is an important aspect of strong leadership – they know their worth, but they do not take it for granted.


These Leaders are Invested

A strong leadership team will be invested in the success of the company as a whole. People who are invested in the success of the company will also be the ones who help to keep everyone on the right track. This provides the entire company with a sense of accountability and will make sure that your leadership team is holding their fellow members accountable for their decisions.


These Leaders are Fearless

A valued and strong leadership team will make sure that the company’s values and mission are being upheld no matter the cost. This mission could even include having to keep you, the owner, accountable for your decisions.


These Leaders are Role Models

A genuinely successful leadership team will make sure that they are modeling the behavior that the company wants to see. Most of the time, if this team has been put together thoughtfully and intentionally, they won’t even need to think about it. Employees will trust and look up to their leadership because they know that they are invested in the company.