Michael Babyak

Financial Advisor

Financial Advisor Michael Babyak Jr. is no stranger to hard work and dedication. These are just a few of the qualities that make him such a strong leader at Precision Financial Services, Inc. Not only does he possess a degree of experience that is rarely rivaled in the industry, but he also demonstrates an unparalleled dedication to his clients. His work ethic partly stems from his education. Before becoming a financial advisor, Michael Babyak graduated from Norwich University, the oldest private military university in the United States and one that prides itself on producing well-rounded and hardworking civil servants. He was able to enhance his core values while earning a degree in the field he loved. These values inspired Michael Babyak to build up his thriving business and offer clients exceptional attention and dedication.

“We believe that it’s more important than ever for our clients to receive quality, independent advice delivered by a proactive, client-focused team. Our experienced professionals specialize in comprehensive areas of expertise- including wealth management, financial and estate planningrisk management, and retirement consulting.

Michael Babyak Financial Advisor

Michael Babyak grew up in a family of dedicated financial professionals. He learned early on that hard work, discipline, and taking care of others needed to be a large part of everything he did. Michael started at Precision Financial Services as an LPL Registered Representative, focusings on securities. He soon showed that he could handle much more responsibility. Michael quickly began to take on additional roles within the company, covering anything from operational and personnel management to compliance and trading management. Michael held this position for over 17 years and was able to not only enhance the firm’s existing services but also was instrumental in the development of new ones.

Michael Babyak’s father passed the business along to him to lead in 2006. As the President of Precision Financial Services, Michael is able to lead his team of financial advisors in the core values that he has established throughout his life. These professionals range from research analysts, insurance professionals, and retirement plan specialists, to wealth advisors, trust coordinators, and pension counsel. Michael has been instrumental in upholding the positive reputation of Precision Financial Services and leading his team down a continual path of excellence, in their work and for their clients.

In addition to working as a financial advisor, Michael Babyak Jr’s dedication and core values translate to his personal life. These values and this commitment to those around him, make him a respected leader in his community. He has served as a member of many boards such as Randolph Township Board of Adjustment, Board of the North West Jersey Association of Life Underwriters. Currently, he serves as a Class Agent for Norwich University ‘92 and is a member of the Norwich University Board of Fellows. Michael also shows his support for his community through many philanthropic endeavors. In his spare time, Michael Babyak demonstrates his values of dedication and commitment with his family as well by spending plenty of quality time with his wife, Phyllis, and their two children.